Meals from my ‘Jihadi mom’

“Not even water?” “No, not even water,” I replied to the stranger at the office who woke me up from a nap at the pantry on my first day at work to ask if I was alright. I was fasting, I said, and that I dozed off because of fatigue. The surprise on his face … Continue reading Meals from my ‘Jihadi mom’


‘Democratically Elected to be Autocratic!’

Interview with Sudarshan Shetty, curator of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016.   The third edition of the Kochi Muziris Biennale was noted primarily for the deviation it took from the previous two editions that were focused on installations and paintings, by introducing performing arts and music into it. How was it that you came about such … Continue reading ‘Democratically Elected to be Autocratic!’


“I need a divorce, a DIVORCE, damn it Peter! No! Don’t try to placate me for heavens’ sake. Its my word. I need a divorce and that’s it.” Sam punched his fist so hard, the photographs on the table quivered. Peter stood blankly, staring at Sam, as a child’d stand upon a mother’s reprimands. Sam … Continue reading Deception