The Plunge

I’d wear my best fitting clothes,
Climb the mountain’s rugged road
The cold of the rocks warm on my feet
I’d climb with the curl of my lip
Guiding the slippery sweat on my cheek

I’ll bare the rocks the softness of fingertips
I’ll climb the mountain with no frown
I’ll fall but so will I laugh
I’ll plant new moss on my clothes
And still keep my eyes on the top.

I’ll see the shaven end of the fall of the cliff
I’ll toe the tip & exhale a thrilled breath
I’ll savour the fragrant air with ajar eyes
Stretch my arms in the pleasure of a climax
And begin my journey downhill.

The ecstatic wind on my back will seep through
I’ll dry my damp head in the wink of an eye
I’ll feel the power pushing me to sky
But slyly steer through & plunge for my prize
I’ll keep flying,flying,flying to my drop.

And so I’ll splash into the clear waters
Show the world the rainbow I made
As I cleave my way down the drops
They’ll reach for the sky I fell from
But return to me, bringing with them my rainbow.

I’ll close my eyes as the water cools my nerves
I may gasp but the clear waters will soothe me
I feared drowning, & so I may gasp
But I want to make my peace before I leave.

I’ll feel the soft hold that keeps me light
Flowing with the gentle push of the giant roars
Then will I open my eyes & yearn for more
I’ll flow like a weightless leaf, downhill
I’ll be taken without hesitation, welcomed.

I’ll flow down for a while & I may sleep
But I’ll reach the ocean someday
I’ll feel the warmth of the salty waters
I’ll be comfortable, I’ll be smooth
I’ll settle down for a li’l rest,in deeper warmth.

I’ll sleep for a while more, I’ll be tired
I’ll be lulled by a thousand fins & I’ll smile
Someday another moss shall find my eyes warm
And the space beneath so cozy & safe
It’ll grow & sleep alongside, I’ll be gay.

And soon will my bones be a home
For all things azure, green & gold
A fairytale palace for a thousand lil dwarves
My frame a garden in a fantasy world
So beautiful,not a ray shall not bounce on me

I’ll sleep,watching,feeling & securing
I’ll dream of my palace elsewhere flowering
I won’t wake, lest the palace here bother
Soul won’t waver a thing anyway
& be bouncing on that palace of mine for ever again.


(Reproduced as written in 2013)


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