Quaint Thoughts is a personal blog where I attempt to articulate a myriad of impressions and experiences I amass via different perspectives — as a woman in a dangerously patriarchal society, as a journalist in a deplorably pseudo-liberal professional arena, as a Muslim in an increasingly Islamophobic country as well as a rational amongst monastics — and many, many more.

The verbalization of my thoughts and experiences in this blog will take forms of poetry, short stories, essays or even elaborate ramblings.

This will be a platform for uninhibited and undeterred expression of subjective elucidations of my thoughts and works, closely associated with contemporary happenings.

Succinctly, this will be a platform to converse as a person to another person, sans prejudices or preconceptions. If my words relate to you, feel free to reach out. We can take a walk and hum a few dreams together.


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