Speak to me

Speak to me, like the singing of a thousand sopranos; and the way they catch their breath, I'd pause, like the world seeming to be a vacuum, except for all the air in my lungs I cannot expel. Speak to me, like the showers of shooting stars; and everytime like the first, I'd be gone … Continue reading Speak to me


Bus-ride to Happy Place

When all but the energy to blink is drained, we all catch a bus to our happy place. There a man, to where his mum awaits with a steamy food bowl and loving gaze. Here a woman, to where her kids play with her man who's putting his sleep at bay. There a child, to … Continue reading Bus-ride to Happy Place

The Plunge

I'd wear my best fitting clothes, Climb the mountain's rugged road The cold of the rocks warm on my feet I'd climb with the curl of my lip Guiding the slippery sweat on my cheek I'll bare the rocks the softness of fingertips I'll climb the mountain with no frown I'll fall but so will … Continue reading The Plunge