“I need a divorce, a DIVORCE, damn it Peter! No! Don’t try to placate me for heavens’ sake. Its my word. I need a divorce and that’s it.” Sam punched his fist so hard, the photographs on the table quivered. Peter stood blankly, staring at Sam, as a child’d stand upon a mother’s reprimands. Sam … Continue reading Deception


The Plunge

I'd wear my best fitting clothes, Climb the mountain's rugged road The cold of the rocks warm on my feet I'd climb with the curl of my lip Guiding the slippery sweat on my cheek I'll bare the rocks the softness of fingertips I'll climb the mountain with no frown I'll fall but so will … Continue reading The Plunge

Never forget the Gujarat genocide

Rakesh Sharma’s Final Solution documented the post-Godhra pogrom of 2002. Fourteen years later, in a sequel, he tries to understand what made thousands of ordinary Hindus complicit in unspeakable violence against Muslims. In an exhaustive interview, Sharma, who was in Kochi recently, spoke to TOI on the hazards of filming in volatile situations, ongoing attempts … Continue reading Never forget the Gujarat genocide